Competitiveness is a praiseworthy idea to endure within our lives however; I want to touch on this topic referencing women. Competitiveness is revered among women if we are running against one another within a footrace or our professional lives while competing for a promotion at work however, competitiveness should not exist in our everyday friendships among one another.

Some women I have met become jealous of other women for appearing prettier, smarter or charming. The cattiness I have viewed within my life has been nauseating. My whole point to this is that women treat women far worse than men treat us as a whole. Women will call each other derogatory names much faster than a man will. Women are far crueler to each other yet we down and humiliate men for doing this to us. Does this make sense? I encourage anyone to walk into a female public restroom and just read the walls. You will find repulsive degradations aimed at other women written on the walls.

Women should embrace one another as compared to competing with one another. I am a woman who can relate to men easily. I have worked past jobs where men were the majority work force. I once thought that my male coworkers were my friends but I will advise any woman who claims that they do not get along with other women than men generally cannot be best friends with women and I will tell you why.

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